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At Billing Cranes Safety is our priority

Billing Cranes recognises its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

Our Obligations:

Billing Cranes recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors. Safety is a priority at Billing Cranes and we realize that some jobs are sometimes complex and need extra planning. As part of its services, Billing Cranes offers site visits to help ensure that the work is completed in the most efficient and cost effective way. At Billing cranes we also provide our customers with detailed lift plans, SWMS and a google earth picture of your job with cranes inserted to take the guess work out and reassure our customers of the ability of the crane and what it can reach safely.

Our Objectives:

Billing Cranes will:

  • provide a safe working environment and plant and procedures of work;
  • provide written procedures and instructions to ensure safe procedures of work;
  • ensure compliance with the Workplace Health & Safety Act 2012 and Regulations 2012 and relevant Codes of Practice and industry standards;
  • provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors and clients to ensure their safety at all times.

Our Responsibilities:

Billing Cranes is accountable for implementing it's OH&S policy. It is responsible for:

  • the provision and maintenance of the workplace in a safe condition;
  • involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of health and safety polices and procedures;
  • training employees in the safe performance of their assigned tasks

Our Employees:

Employees follow all health and safety policies and procedures and report all known or observed hazards to the manager.

Consultation and Cooperation:

Billing Cranes is committed to consultation and cooperation with it's employees and clients. Billing Cranes consults with employees and clients in any workplace change that will affect the health and safety of any of those concerned.